Customer & Ship To Addresses - Simple

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Proposal/Invoice offers a choice of two different ways to handle customer & ship-to addresses.
The Simple method described below is quick to use, but limited in terms of using the contact information for other purposes. The Advanced method (next topic) uses the same data format as our contacts program, ShareCon, and thus gives you much more flexibility.
The Simple method:


To add a new Customer or Ship To address, click the mouse in the appropriate field and type in the company name. Then TAB down to the multi-line address box and fill in the shipping address and phone numbers (if desired), and click the save button. Each time you save an address it will then be available for re-use in the drop-down fields.
If you place a valid email address in the address field, the SMTP send email function will pick it up.
New and changed addresses will also be saved whenever you save a document.
To delete an address from the system, right click on it and select Delete.

del addresses