Adding / Changing Stock Items

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Stock items consist of 6 fields:
Category - this is simply a tag to help you find things or remind you of what they are for. Examples might be "Store Fixtures", "Cleaning Supplies", etc. (Does not print out on the document.)
Mfg. - the manufacturer of the item (can be left blank). If filled in, this prints right before the description, or not at all (see configuration).
Unit (of measure) - for example "each", "box", "lb", "ft", "pack of 3", "lot", etc.

Part Number - up to 60 characters (optional). Is placed before the description on documents.

Description - up to 120 characters. Note that this can be expanded upon after a stock item is added to an order.
Unit Cost - how much one unit of the item costs. Note that you do not need to figure in discounts here - use the list price, and specify your discount with the discount multiplier field.
You may either sit down and add a whole list of stock items at once, or do them on an as-needed basis as you make proposals & invoices. Either way, once an item is in the stock list it can be re-used in any document simply by double-clicking it.
Proposal/Invoice can import and export stock item data! Details here.

stock items

When you are first starting out, you must type in Categories and Units. As you add more items you will be able to select these fields from the drop-down lists (and never type them again).
Get all the fields correct and click the New button to save a new item, or the Save button to save changes to an item.
If you have a number of items with similar descriptions, save time by clicking on one of them to load the description, make your changes, and click the new item button.