Multiple Configurations

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You can create up to 3 alternate configurations, each with it's own data folder and other options. Use these to keep different company department activities separate, but at the same time allow supervision through the same interface. To get started, first think of names for the alternate data sets and enter them in in the start-up configuration:

name configs

Once you have named them, then select each one in turn from the main program menu. The first time you do this, you will get this message:


Click OK, and then go into configuration again. Note that now the configuration form will show the name of the alternate up at the top. Select and/or create a new data directory for it:


Make any other changes you wish, and SAVE the configuration. From then on, you will be able to select this alternate configuration, with all it's unique settings, simply by selecting it on the main form's menu. The different configurations are completely independent of one another. They have separate numbering sequences, and must be backed up separately as well.