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Purchase OrderPurchase Order - practical software to help with writing purchase orders. If your business uses purchase orders, but you have not been able to find a good piece of software to help with it, try this out! $239.00

WaverlyStreet's "Purchase Order" program is an affordable, multi-user solution for small and medium size companies that handle their equipment, material, and other purchases via purchase order. If you've been wanting to get away from using pre-printed forms but haven't been able to find any reasonably priced purchasing software, this is the answer.

Our program is stand-alone - not an add-in module for some complicated & expensive "enterprise" accounting package. It simply saves you time managing Purchase Orders, period. Only $239.00 (USD) for the first user, $100.00 (USD) for each additional.

Click to read the entire user's manual on-line! Click to download via File Kicker Click to visit the order page for purchase options!


  • Allows you to build a database of all the items you normally buy, including part numbers, description, unit of measure, unit cost, and vendor. Simply double-click any item and it is instantly added to your purchase order. Items can be added "on-the-fly", so you can start being productive right away.

  • Create "Assembly Lists" containing all the parts required from various vendors to make a particular product, then have the program automatically generate the required purchase orders based on a quantity of units you supply. Saves time and increases accuracy!

  • When working on an order, you may elect to see only stock items for the selected vendor, or all items.

  • Multiple requisitions may be combined together to create bulk orders - save money by getting quantity discounts.

  • "One-time" items can be added to an order, plus stock items can be modified after being selected, without changing them in the stock list.

  • Stores all your vendor and destination addresses for re-use. You only need to type them in one time; from then on out you simply select from a drop-down list. If you are using our "ShareCon" name & address program, Purchase Order will even import your existing vendor & destination info! It also automatically stores misc. info such as payment terms, authorization names, FOB points, job numbers, and more in easy to use drop-down lists.

  • Saved purchase orders can always be recalled later on for re-printing, general reference, or to be copied and used as the basis for similar new orders. The saved order list can be sorted by PO number, job number, date, vendor, destination, ship date, or amount with one mouse click; no more rooting through file cabinets to find things.

  • Customize the appearance or orders by changing the font, an/or adding your own company logo graphic.

  • Export basic order data to .CSV format for use in spreadsheet programs such as Excel.

  • Email orders directly from the program's viewer, using an internal email utility which does a beautiful job of sending documents with graphics included, right in the message body that your recipients will see. No more attached files.

  • Purchase Order can either be installed on a single machine and store it's data locally, or installed on multiple machines and use a shared data directory.

  • Prevent unauthorized changes by the use of three "user levels" and an order locking function.

  • The program may be freely evaluated for fifty uses, to make sure it meets your requirements.

A personal note: Before starting WaverlyStreet, I'd done equipment purchasing professionally for three different companies (over about 25 years), with everything from ball point pen & carbon paper forms to high-priced "enterprise" software. But this is the purchasing program that I always wished I had :-). (Dave Gjessing, owner of WaverlyStreet Software)

Minimum System Requirements

486 processor, 8 MB RAM, Windows 98, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 (or better).

Purchase Order runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows from 98 through the current version 10!

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v.5.0.3, February 8, 2019
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Click to download via File Kicker Click to read the entire user's manual on-line! Click to read the entire user's manual on-line! Click to visit the order page for purchase options!

Download old versions:
(Obsolete, use only if you need to reinstall but do not wish to upgrade right now.)
4x (4.2.00)     3x (3.2.10)     2x (2.3.03)

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