Approval Process (optional)

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If desired, the program may be set up so that orders must be approved before they can be issued. To turn this option "on", go to the User Level and Approval Setup form in configuration.


There are several differences in the program interface, depending on whether approvals are "on" or "off".


In the top right corner:

approval button


... on the saved orders list:

approval listing


When the approval system is in place, unapproved orders have a big red "NOT APPROVED" stamped down where the signature is supposed to go:


not approved


To approve an order, click on the check mark button just to the left of the order number:




... this form will show:


grant approval


On this form anyone can see who has already approved the order and whether or not additional approval is required. Users who are configured to grant approval can do so, and they may also revoke their own approval if need be.


Approvals may be granted or revoked even if an order is locked.


If you wish to allow small orders to bypass the approval process altogether, type in a monetary threshold number on the User Level and Approval setup form. Any order below that amount will be approved by default.