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With version 3.1, Purchase Order includes automatic order creation functions based on Assemblies lists.


For example, suppose you manufacture a line of widgets. Each model of widget requires a certain number of parts, from various suppliers. With the PO Assemblies functions, you first create  a list of parts for one of each model widget you build. Then when it's time to order parts for a production run, you simply select the correct parts lists, input a quantity of each model you need to buy for, and the program automatically creates purchase orders for each vendor for the total quantity of parts required.


Each item on an assembly list must first be put in the program as a normal stock item.


To get started, select the menu item File, Assemblies, Create / edit assemblies. The Assembly Edit form will show:




The lower half of the form is the same as the stock items list in the main program. To add a stock item to your assembly list, double-click on it in the lower list. If the quantity required is not 1, then double-click it on the upper list to display the line item edit form. On this form you may either change the quantity or remove the item from the assembly. Note that the quantity can be fractional (in decimal format). For example, you may buy something in packs of ten, but only need 1 for this particular widget - make the quantity .1 (one tenth).


At any time, type in a descriptive name for the assembly and click the save button; the program will save your list. (Note that the name will receive a ".poa" extension - this stands for "purchase order assembly". )


To view a printout of the assembly, click the View/Print button.


Note: if you change the price of stock items in the stock item list, they DO NOT automatically get updated in the assembly list(s). To update them, select each list in turn and click the price update button. When the process completes, it will show the changed prices in blue. It will also show assembly list items that were not found in the stock list in red. Assembly list items do not have to be in the stock list, but their prices cannot be updated or manually changed if they are not.


To use your assembly lists, select the menu item File, Assemblies, Create orders from assembly lists. The Select Assemblies form will show:




The assembly lists you have created will be listed on the left side of the form. (Note the question about prices being up to date; if not, click the Cancel button and go back to the assembly edit form and update them.) Double-click names on the left to add them to the production list on the right side. They will initially have a quantity of zero - double-click them to change the quantity.


If you click either OK or Cancel with the quantity at zero, the assembly will be removed from the production list.


When you have the quantities correct, click the Generate Orders button, and confirm the fact. The program will then generate the orders and tell you what it has done:




Click OK, then display the Saved Orders list. Pick each new order in turn, check it, and fill in the missing information.