Combine Requisitions Into Bulk Orders

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With version 2.3.01, you can take any number of requisitions and combine them into a single purchase order. Use this feature in a multi-user environment to make sure that you get the best prices through volume discounts.


To use this feature:


1) Click the new PO button to create your new blank bulk purchase order.


2) Right-click in the PO's empty item list (the upper half of the screen) and select "Insert whole requisitions".




... The PO item list and the saved PO list will both shift to a different color background.


3) Now click once on each requisition you wish to add to the bulk order. The items will be added to the order. Same items will cause the quantity to increase on existing line items in the order. The requisition numbers (on the lower list) will be crossed out.




4) When you have added all the requisitions you want to combine, again right-click in the PO's item list and select "Quit inserting requisitions". You will be presented with a dialog showing the requisition numbers processed, and options on what to do with them (the requisitions) to finish up.