Importing orders created on another computer

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Purchase Order is able to import orders created on another Purchase Order installation and sent via email. For example, a buyer with the program installed on their laptop can create orders out in the field and email them to the main office. There, an assistant can import the orders into the main PO database without having to type anything over again. The imported order can be given the number of an existing (blank) order - in this way the buyer can call in, get an order number to give to the vendor, then create it and send it in later.


For the remote user:


The user who will be creating orders out of the office and emailing them in might want to make the following changes in their configuration.


First, name one of the three user-defined fields "Order#" (or the like). Next, make it so the PO number prefix is that user field. Finally, check the box that says "Print ONLY the prefix as the 'PO Number' on orders", and set the email send method to "System MAPI client".




With these changes, this user can essentially type in any order number, independent of the built in sequential numbering system. This allows them to call into the office, get an order number, and issue a PO with that number when they are not connected to the main data at the office. The order can be printed and handed to the vendor, or emailed to them.


A copy should also be emailed to someone at the office so that they can incorporate it into the main PO data structure.


In the main office:


The remote user will call in and ask for a PO number for a specific vendor. The person in the office will create a new order and leave it blank except for the vendor name, and give the number to the remote user. The remote user will then email the completed order back to the office, whereupon the person in the office will import it into the system as follows:


Since the remote user is using the MAPI client email method, the PO will arrive as an attachment. Click on the attachment (in your email program) and save it on your hard disk. Then in the PO program, select 'File, Import requisition' and locate the saved attachment. Click it, and select 'Open' in the file dialog. The complete order will appear in the upper half of the main form, just as if it have been created locally. It will show (PEND) in the PO number field. Click the Save button, and you will be presented with numbering options:



You can either pick the previously assigned number which the remote user called in for, or have the system assign the next number in the system as usual.




The remote user should have the default local data directory set as their "Main data folder" in configuration. When they are in the office and connected to the network, they should create an alternate data set and have it's "Main data folder" point to the network data folder other users are connecting to normally. When in the office, they should go to the alternate and run File, Data Backup, choosing their local data directory as the Target. In this way, they will carry with them the current PO data, stock list, etc., just as everyone else sees it (well, current as of the time they ran the backup).