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Purchase order can generate a number of reports. See the menu item "Reports":




The Order Detail reports show each listed order's number, the three user-defined fields, the order date, the vendor, and the total amount of each order. It also totals up all the orders, breaks out shipping and taxes, and shows the net total (less tax and shipping).


Check Include notes in above reports to have the internal notes included in the order detail report(s).


The Line Item reports look at all the listed orders and extracts their individual line items. Identical items are grouped together into a single line, with the total quantity found in all the orders. For each unique item the report shows quantity, unit (of measure), part number & description, unit cost, and total cost. It then shows a grand total (which will match the net total in an Order Detail report on the same orders).


Note: the line item options will first display the items on an interim form. On this form you may click any column header to sort the items the way you want them displayed in the report. When you have them sorted, click the Report button on the interim form.


IMPORTANT: In both the detail and line item reports, only the orders currently shown in the saved orders list are included! So, for example, if you wish to see only what you actually bought during a certain month, first uncheck "Requisition", "Purchase Order", and "Partly Received" above the saved orders list, leaving only "Fully Received" checked. Then select File, Date Range and set the two dates to encompass the month you are after. The saved orders list will now show only fully received orders placed during that month; make a report, and it will only contain those orders.


To narrow down your report to only a certain vendor, destination, buyer, or one of the three user defined fields, first select ANY order which contains the attribute you are after. For example, in the picture above, I've selected a random order shipped to Dave's Big Stores, under the Tools account, Home region, job number 1205. If I select "Order details - all for current job number", I'll get a report showing all currently listed orders for job number 1205.


The Vendor list and Destination list items do just what they sound like they will do.


The Stock List reports work similarly to the order reports in that to narrow down to a certain vendor or category you first select any random stock item in from the category or vendor you're after. If you have "Use on hand column in stock items listing" selected in configuration, the stock reports will show the quantities on hand and their value.


All of the reports are displayed on the same print/preview screen the orders are, and can be printed, saved, or e-mailed from there just like a PO.


If you need more flexibility, all report data may be exported into your spreadsheet program. Simply click the .XLS button on the report print/preview form:


xls button


... click it, select a filename, and the data will be exported. The program will even offer to try to start your spreadsheet program and display it.


xls confirm