Printing Purchase Orders

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To preview and/or print out your purchase orders click the Print / Preview button pvbutt on the main form. This will bring up the Print / Preview form, with the current order loaded.


The Configuration button allows you to tweak the font, page "fit" values, etc. in real time and see the results immediately.
The Save button allows you to save a copy of the order in a different folder (if desired, not necessary).
The Print button brings up the standard Windows print dialog.
The Print Envelope button brings up a handy envelope printing utility.
The Email button brings up your choice of email options - either the built-in direct method (best choice), or your system's default MAPI email client.
The Price/No Price button toggles the display between a normal version of the order (with prices) and a special version that has no prices on it. Use the no-price version as a receiving check list, etc.


The Notes/No Notes button toggles the display between a normal version of the order (without internal notes) and a special version with the internal notes appended to the bottom.

Printing a set with headers & footers:


You may configure custom headers and footers to print on your orders. Once you have set that up, print them by selecting the menu item from the print/preview form: