Technical Notes

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Purchase Order must be installed on individual workstations, not on a file server. It becomes multi-user when the Main Data Directory is set to a common shared directory on your network, from the configuration form. All users must have full read-write access to the shared directory.


Upon installation and/or if not present, the program creates a folder in which to store it's configuration settings and some other information. This folder goes in the Application Data area, typically:


C:\Users\[user's name]\AppData\Roaming\WaverlyStreet


In the WaverlyStreet folder will be:


po5x.cfg        the start-up configuration file

whatsnew.dat        internal info for the built-in "check what's new" reminder

po5x-1.cfg        additional data set configuration files (if used) (-1, -2, -3, etc.)

datasets.dat        the list of alternate data sets (if used)

envelope.cfg        envelope printing settings (only after you have used the envelope printing utility)


Also upon installation, a default data directory is created within the WaverlyStreet folder. Typically:


C:\Users\[user's name]\AppData\Roaming\WaverlyStreet\po_data


After the program has been run through all it's operations, it will have created the following files in the data directory:


po_data.v2dat        main index file

po_stock.dat        stock items data file

li.dat                list of users logged into the directory


po_addy.dat        addresses


by_field.dat        "by" drop-down list

com_field.dat        "comments" drop-down list

fob_field.dat        "FOB" drop-down list

gln_field.dat        user field drop-down

jno_field.dat        user field drop-down

ter_field.dat        "terms" drop-down list

udf_field.dat        user field drop-down

via_field.dat        "via" drop-down list


fineprint1.txt        fine print 1

fineprint2.txt        fine print 2

form_words.txt        words on form list


headfoot.cfg        batch printing headers and footers


po_top.gif        the default top graphic file


It will also create a subfolder in the data folder named for the current year (\2017, \2018, etc. The individual purchase orders each have an .htm file, which are contained in these yearly folders. The .htm files are named [po number].htm. Also present will be files named _[po number].htm (preceding underscore) - these are the no-price versions of the orders. The top graphic file will also appear here after the first order is created.


Whenever a different main data folder is selected in configuration, all the above files will be created if they don't already exist there.