Printing with Headers and Footers

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The basic print button on the print/preview form prints a single copy with no header or footer. If desired, you can also configure a "set" of multiple copies to be printed, each with a different header and/or footer printed on it. For example, "COPY 1 - VENDOR", "COPY 2 - ACCOUNTING", "COPY 3 - RECEIVING", "COPY 4 - FILE", etc.




To begin, click the Headers/Footers button on the configuration form. This form will show:




Your printer will print 1 sheet for each "Copy #x" checked (up to five). Each one can have it's own header, footer, or both.


(Note that in the example above the headers are preceded with "&b" - this makes them right-justified.)


The setup information is stored in the data directory, and common to all users.


To print the set, select the menu item on the print/preview form: