Cost Information

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Work Order allows great flexibility in recording costs. These options can be set under configuration:


- You may elect whether or not to show costs based on the order's Open / Complete status.
- You can make it so the program REQUIRES that final figures are recorded before an order is marked Complete or can be sent to the "Archives".
Also, note that the cost "box" is only printed on orders if the "Total" field is greater than zero.
To enter in costs, type in the Materials and/or Labor fields.
The two-box Tax 1, and Tax 2 fields can either accept fixed figures or make calculations for you. The little box on the left is for a multiplier to indicate the percentage. For example, if your vendor gives you a 25% discount, enter .25 in the discount multiplier field, and the larger discount field on the right will automatically reflect this. If you are paying sales tax of 6.5%, enter .065 in the tax multiplier field, and the calculation will be made accordingly. The tax fields can be renamed and given default multipliers on the configuration form.
If you don't want the program to figure this for you, but instead wish to manually enter in a value, then leave the little box blank, and enter numbers in the larger boxes. When the little fields are blank (or zero), no automatic calculations will be made.
The Labor field can either accepts a typed value (with no automatic calculations made on it) or you can click the labor calculator button to have the program figure the total based on hourly rate and number of hours:



You can also enter in a default hourly rate on the configuration form.

The default settings do not figure tax on labor costs:


If labor is taxable in your area, this can be changed in configuration: